LEDs offer natural colors for home lighting applications

LEDs offer natural colors for home lighting applications

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Osram Opto Semiconductors has added two further models claiming excellent color rendering to the company's Duris S 5 family. The new LEDs are ideal for installing in downlights in a home or LED retrofit lamps.
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The Duris portfolio has been expanded with the addition of two new LEDs with a CRI of more than 90. The product family now offers customers even greater flexibility in terms of performance, areas of application and technology than ever before. The previous Duris S 5 versions already had a high color rendering index of more than 80, but the additions are better in this respect. The new LEDs are ideal for applications where the colors have to appear as natural as possible. The light from the new Duris S 5 models make the colors of wooden dining tables and flooring for example look rich and natural. Natural color rendering also plays an important role in shop lighting, whether for clothing or food.

Duris S 5’s two-chip version has a high luminous flux value of 83 lm at 150 mA (typically at 3000 K). The device’s typical forward voltage is 6.35 V.

The new Osram light emitting diodes are part of the Duris product family. The E, P and S series contain LED versions in different qualities of light and for all output ranges (high-power, mid-power, and low-power) which are suitable for numerous lighting applications. A robust plastic package, a compact design and a particularly homogeneous distribution of light are other properties common to all members of the family. All the products in the Duris S range claim an competitive price performance ratio, coupled with versatility and efficiency.

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