Lenovo launches enterprise AR headset

Lenovo launches enterprise AR headset

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By Rich Pell

The ThinkReality A6 lightweight, heads-up, hands free mobile headset is the first device in the company’s ThinkReality platform, which is designed to enable users to pin, interact, and collaborate with 3D digital information in the real world, improving their contextual awareness and efficiency. The platform is device and cloud agnostic, says the company, enabling enterprise customers to easily adopt and manage AR and VR software applications across multiple operating systems, cloud services, and devices, such as the new A6 headset.

The A6 can be used to deploy both simple and complex AR solutions. It has a weight of 380g (0.83lbs) and a 40-degree diagonal field of view with 1080p resolution per eye, making it one of the lightest fully featured AR headsets in its class the company says.

“We have engineered this product in partnership with a number of industrial and healthcare customers,” said Christian Teismann, senior vice president for Lenovo’s commercial business during a keynote presentation at Lenovo Accelerate, “who explained that the number one issue of the products on the market is the weight distribution, to really use a product like this in a day-long environment.”

Powered by an Android compute box using a Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 Mobile XR Platform, the A6 headset features waveguide optics by Lumus inside an Intel Movidius Vision Processing Unit (VPU). A 6,800mAh battery provides up to four hours of continuous use at a time.

Input options include head and gaze tracking, voice commands, gesture controls, and a three-degrees-of-freedom hand controller, as well as a barcode reader and front-facing, fisheye cameras for pass-through video.

A release date and pricing information have not yet been announced.


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