Lenovo selects Navitas GaN for laptop fast chargers

Lenovo selects Navitas GaN for laptop fast chargers

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By Nick Flaherty

Lenovo in China is using GaN from Navitas Semiconductor for its fast charger for laptops ahead of a new generation of AI PCs.

The Xiaoxin 105 W charger and the Legion C170 W charger, designed by Powerland. use the GaNFast GaN transistors from Navitas for daily travel and gaming power respectively.

The Xiaoxin 105 W GaN charger outputs 105 W of power and is equipped with 3 ports (2C1A) supporting multiple protocols. It weighs 206 g, making it 40% lighter than a typical 100 W adapter and takes only 34 minutes to charge the Xiaoxin 16 Pro to 50%. The Navitas NV6138 GaNFast power IC with GaNSense technology is at the heart of the high-frequency flyback topology design, providing a stable, durable, and efficient charging experience.

“Powerland is very pleased to collaborate with Navitas again to create two high-performance and lightweight GaN chargers for Lenovo,” said Dr. Wang Chuanyun, VP of R&D for Powerland Group. “Powerland is dedicated to pushing the envelope of technology to build leading power products for our clients. Efficient, reliable, and easy-to-use GaNFast power ICs are crucial to realize that.”

The Legion C170W charger is designed specifically for hardcore gamers with 170 W through a single port. It weighs 245g, making it almost 80% lighter than Legion Y9000P’s original inbox charger and can charge twice as fast as the Legion C140 W Charger. The Navitas NV6136 GaNFast power IC with GaNSense technology is used in the PFC stage, featuring loss-less current sensing and six times faster short-circuit protection than competing solutions, delivering cooler operation, superior efficiency, reliability, and power density.

Lenovo is a long term user of the Navitas GaN devices since 2021, working on a 90W charer for the Lenovo Legion Pro Gaming Phone and a 135 W, C135 W GaN charger for the Legion 5 and 5 Pro Gen 7 laptops.

“With the support of Navitas GaNFast power ICs, we have successfully introduced two new Xiaoxin and Legion GaN chargers to the market, enabling a lightweight and powerful charging experience for daily travel and gaming performance,” said Elon Chen, Product Manager of Consumer Business for Lenovo Group China. “Moreover, the successful application of Navitas’ GaNFast technology continuously reduces the size and weight of chargers, highly increasing efficiency, bringing convenience to consumers, while contributing to carbon reduction.”

“By working closely with Powerland, our highly integrated GaNFast technology has enabled Lenovo to continuously achieve leading-edge results in size, performance, and reliability of chargers. With innovative laptops like AI PCs on the rise, Navitas predicts a surge in demand for powerful GaNFast charging solutions. Navitas is on a mission to push the limits of gallium nitride technology, empowering global partners like Lenovo to slash energy usage and emissions in charger and adapter production,” said Charles Zha, VP and GM of Navitas China.


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