Let Leo do the charging!

Let Leo do the charging!

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By Wisse Hettinga

Leo: the Plug & Play Battery Life Extender – eeNews Product Focus

Two guys from Holland developed a plug & play Battery Life Extender. They realised the typical charging we do is not good – too long, at the wrong time, at the wrong temperature…

Did you know that charging to 100% is bad for your batteries? A battery that is charged to 100% is under high chemical tension. This accelerates battery wear.

Did you know that overnight charging is bad for your batteries? The battery not only charges to 100%, it also stays under high chemical tension for hours, making things even worse. Still, almost all of us charge overnight anyways, because it is convenient and there is no real alternative.

Did you know that fast-charging is bad for your batteries? Faster charging means more battery wear, and it also elevates the battery temperature. High temperatures are the worst for your battery! Besides, why would you want to charge fast if you have 7 hours to charge your battery overnight?

Together with the Demonstrator Lab of the VU University in Amsterdam, a bunch of supporting companies and the Rockstart Accelerator Program they developed Leo and are now kickstarting this new product.

The Leo specs:

For a battery, fast-charging, charging to 100% and sitting in a fully charged state are not healthy. Leo autonomously implements and combines several widely accepted best practices for long-term lithium-ion battery health, for practically all your USB-C devices:

Night break at ~80% before topping up in the morning (similar to Apple night charging)
Charging limit at ~90% to avoid fully-charged batteries (similar to Tesla/Samsung charge limit)
Adaptive charging speed (charging slower when possible, and faster when needed, and dependant on the battery and external temperature)

Leo can also do this:

Measure and analyze data such as the current and voltage at the charger level, and the charging protocol. Leo can function as a USB multimeter!
Charge, measure and save the batteries of all your USB-C devices. Use it for your smartphone, e-reader, headphones, speakers, tablet or even your PS5 controller
Perform Over-the-Air firmware updates to add more features over time through our App, as we continue to improve our algorithms using AI
Ghost-mode button; if pressed Leo will fast-charge your battery to 100%, pretending it is not there. You never need to unplug Leo
Find all the details at
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