Lfoundry announces 90nm Flash technology

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The PDK includes several advanced technology options, especially an embedded Flash which is proposed in 90nm resolution. After two years of development and over EUR 5 million of R&D investments, LFoundry has released a design library including the appropriate set of tools for semiconductor design in 110nm node. This way, customer designs using LFoundry PDK 110 are based on LF 110 Flash elementary structures, ensuring they will fit perfectly with LFoundry manufacturing process.

“With the release of our PDK 110 Flash, our customers can design innovative and competitive solutions which will be produced in volume in our Rousset facility.

This PDK is particularly well adapted for key applications such as digital security and CMOS imagery,” commented Jean-Pierre Delesse, President, LFoundry Rousset.

The PDK 110 includes a high performing 90nm embedded Flash cell, making LFoundry Rousset one of the most advanced semiconductor manufacturer on the European market. The state-of-the-art LF110 technology, allows to build smaller cells, thus to benefit from better performance and density of semiconductor. Built on aluminum substrate connections, the LF110 technology brings the optimized combination between electrical performance and manufacturing cost.

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