LG Innotek unveils second-generation V2X module 

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By Christoph Hammerschmidt

In addition to the wireless communication function required for commercialization, this device can be installed in any subystem of a vehicle. This advantage can be attributed to the higher durability and smaller size compared to the equipment of the first generation.

The LG Innotek module combines all three variants of the V2X core components in one product: The Host Controller Interface (HCI) Module, the Hardware Security Module (HSM) that controls the communication protocol and the Application Processor (AP).

Automobile manufacturers do not have to install different parts separately or undergo multiple tests. The V2X module also enables them to improve the communication capability of their connected cars as well as security and product reliability.

The module is designed for rough vehicle operation and can withstand high temperatures of up to 105 °C. Extreme summer weather, in which the temperature inside a vehicle rises to 90 °C, is no problem for the product.

The size of the product is only one-third that of a credit card, i. e. it can be installed almost anywhere in a car. With dimensions of 40 x 35 mm x 4 mm, the module is extremely compact.

At a transmission rate of 6 Mbit/s, a sensitivity of -94 dBm and a transmission performance of 23 dBm could be achieved.


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