LG to commercialized low-blue emission LEDs

LG to commercialized low-blue emission LEDs

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According to Korean news agency Yonhap, LG Electronics aims to expand its LED lighting product portfolio with the release of new lighting products that emit less blue light, which is considered a potential hazard as it can penetrate 60 percent deeper into eyes.
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LG has already showcased 14 different new products for commercial use under the brand LG Smart Lighting Safe Blue, designed to be easier on the human eye. 

“By releasing high-end and efficient solutions based on the distinctive technologies, we will lead the local market for smart lighting products,” the company said in a statement. LG Electronics said it plans to release household lighting products down the road, claiming the annual South Korean market for LED lighting is estimated at 2 trillion won (US$1.87 billion). The company is also looking deeper into applying the Internet of Things technology to its LED products so they automatically adjust their brightness depending on ambient light and the movement of people.

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