Li-ion cells push operating temperatures to extremes

Li-ion cells push operating temperatures to extremes

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The crucial development overcomes the key limitations of conventional battery technologies and creates new opportunities for applications that previously could not be served cost-effectively with Li-ion batteries.

Saft’s MP Integration xtd series has been developed to ensure reliable, high performance power for outdoor industrial equipment in demanding applications including oil and gas, utility management, industrial automation, lighting and signaling, tracking and automotive telematics. The xtd range claims to be the only battery company with Li-ion technology capable of operating over the extreme temperature range typically encountered in industrial applications of – 40˚C to + 85 ˚C.

By combining compact size, wide operating temperature range and exceptional life when under permanent charge or daily cycling, Saft’s new Li-ion “xtd” technology is ideally suited to provide back-up power to outdoor industrial equipment. The MP Integration xtd cells are targeted to meet the typical life expectancy of industrial equipment without the need for maintenance or battery replacement, and to offer the lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

The cells claim to offer the highest level of safety and comply with the requirements of the IEC60079-11 standard for intrinsic safety, meaning that they are designed for safe and reliable high-power performance even in potentially explosive atmospheres.

Two models are currently available: MP 174565 Integration xtd offers a capacity of 4.0 Ah while the MP 176065 Integration xtd has a 5.6 Ah capacity.

The low-temperature MP Integration xc range is a cutting edge solution for unrivalled low temperature performance in defense systems, professional portable tools, oil and gas, and aerospace applications in extremely cold temperatures that can fall as low as -50˚C.

The xc design provides a high voltage response when placed under significant load, preventing any risk of low voltage that can limit battery autonomy at low operating temperatures. They also offer a long cycle life and extended calendar life compared with conventional Li-ion cells.

Currently, the xc technology is available in the MP Integration 176065 xc cell that provides a 6.4 Ah capacity.

Both the MP Integration xtd and xc cells have a long shelf life, with low self discharge, that reduces the need for supervision and charging during storage.

The production ramp-up of the xc model has already started with first customers being served. For the “xtd” models, sampling of key customers will take place in the coming months, while production ramp-up is planned within the first half of 2015.

The xtd and xc ranges will be on show at European Utility Week (Amsterdam, Nov 4 – 6 # 1B-60), at Electronica (Munich, Nov 11 – 14 # B2-666) and Medica (Düsseldorf, Nov 12 -15 # 17-C24).


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