Lidar sensor detects obstacles up to 250 meters away

Lidar sensor detects obstacles up to 250 meters away

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By Christoph Hammerschmidt

The Cube Range sensor was designed as a robust 3D solid-state lidar for the mass market. It has a range of 150 meters with 10 percent target reflectivity; a range of up to 250 meters is easily possible with higher reflectivity of the target. In addition, the Cube Range convinces with a resolution of 0.18°.

Thanks to the Blickfeld technology without rotating parts, cost-effective and scalable production of the sensor is possible. The core of this technology is a proprietary silicon MEMS mirror embedded in a coaxial structure based on commercial standard components.

With its high resolution and long range, the sensor serves the need to detect moving objects at high accuracy. By generating a dense 3D point cloud and then evaluating it in real time using the custom software stack developed by Blickfeld, the company is making a contribution to enabling autonomous driving. The field of view technology ensures that the environment can be precisely detected even in darkness, fog or strong sunlight. The company promises that the sensor will provide reliable images of the surroundings even at high speeds.

Autonomous vehicles, however, are only one application example for these sensors, explained Dr. Mathias Müller, co-founder and CEO of Blickfeld. The company sees further applications in the security, agricultural and smart city environment, for example.

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