LiFi streaming promises HD video playback on mobile devices

LiFi streaming promises HD video playback on mobile devices
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Sunpartner Technologies, the French specialist in innovative solar solutions, is launching a 12-month, international development program with smartphone company Alcatel Onetouch to enhance the development of Sunpartner's Wysips Connect which is the world's first photovoltaic LiFi receiver.
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The joint research venture with Alcatel Onetouch will enable Sunpartner Technologies to offer new video playback features from mobile devices over LiFi.

Sunpartner is also developing the ground-breaking LiFi technology with CEA-Leti, a French public research institute.  Wysips Connect claims to be currently the only LiFi technology in existence that enables screens and mobile devices (phones, e-readers, sensors, electronic shelf tags, watches, etc.) to charge their batteries and receive data using visible light waves (VLC-Visible Light Communication) without tapping into the device’s battery – meaning the LiFi connection powers itself.

The Alcatel Onetouch joint research program is aiming to further optimize the LiFi receiver’s capacity.

Sunpartner claims to be the first and only company to date that has succeeded in making a photovoltaic receiver able to receive all types of LiFi signals. The receiver is essential for converting the visible light waves produced by LEDs into electronic signals. The signal is then decoded into an audio, text or video file on connected devices (such as mobile phones, tablets, sensors, electronic shelf tags, and smartwatches). The photovoltaic component is ultra-thin and transparent and is integrated during manufacturing between the screen and the touchscreen layer of a mobile phone, tablet, or other device.

The first phase of the research will take advantage of the expertise and facilities of CEA-Leti, which specializes in micro- and nano-technologies applied to wireless communication systems and components, in order to characterize the Wysips Connect component and increase its data transfer speed.

The goal is to enable users to stream and watch compressed, high-definition playback of any video over a LiFi connection.

Sunpartner Technologies believes the research program will position the company at the forefront of LiFi Internet developments. In 2 to 3 years, LiFi networks will free up companies’ crowded Wi-Fi networks, and LiFi will be introduced in hospitals, sensitive sites like nuclear power plants, aircraft fleets as well as shopping centers.

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