Light load boost for integrated GaN chip

Light load boost for integrated GaN chip

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By Nick Flaherty

Cambridge GaN Devices (CGD) has launched a second series of its ICeGaN 650 V gallium nitride HEMT integrated circuit, reducing the quiescent current by a factor of ten.

The H2 device adds a block CGD calls No Load, Light Load, or NL3, that cuts off the main transistor at no loads for a quiescent current of 220uA. This detects when the gate low with level detection sand then lowers the current to the voltage regulator at light loads.

This low load and low quiescent is key for consumer power applications that are always plugged in, from charger blocks to embedded power supplies.   

This NL3 block is added to the existing smart gate circuitry on the chip that makes the enhanced mode, normally off GaN device operate like a MOSFET so that standard silicon gate drivers can be used. This improves the overvoltage robustness, higher noise-immune threshold, dV/dt suppression and ESD protection.

“We’ve got some good design in in the consumer space and class D audio and we are now focussing on industrial applications,” said Peter Comiskey, director of application engineering. The company has developed a 65W reference design with the H2 chip that it is showing at the PCIM Europe 2023 show in Germany.

“We will be releasing further devices with lower RDS on (of 25mO) for the industrial sector with NL3,” he said

A clamping structure with integrated Miller Clamp on the chip eliminates the need for negative gate voltages, achieving true zero-volt turn-off, and improves the dynamic RDS(ON) performance, while a current sense function reduces power dissipation and allows direct connection to ground for optimised cooling and EMI.

“CGD has solved all the challenges that normally slow the adoption of a new technology. Furthermore, we are now ready to satisfy the mass market with our H2 Series ICeGaN transistors which are available through an established supply chain,” said Giorgia Longobardi, CEO and co-founder.


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