Light module allows to generate direct and indirect lighting at the same time

Light module allows to generate direct and indirect lighting at the same time

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TALEXXengine STARK INDI is available in a ‘classic’ variant with a CRI of better than 80. This variant is particularly suited for standard and pendant luminaires. Their light stream is split to up and down in a ratio of 80:20. Thus, it generates direct and indirect lighting at the same time. The indirect light generates an even background illumination while the direct light efficiently illuminates the working place. When used in a pendant luminaire, 80% of the light are directed downwards and 20% upwards; in standard luminaires the ratio is reversed. In any case, it generates the impression of a homogeneous area light, because as a consequence of the edge injection and the use of specific diffusor materials no punctiform light spots are visible.

The LED light engine is available in color temperatures of 3000K and 5000K. Its specific feature is the high reproducible white light quality (MacAdam 4). With their size of 564 x 100 x 8.5 mm, the modules fit into luminaires hitherto equipped with T5 lamps (2 x 28W or 2 x 35W) or TCL luminaires (2 x 28W or 2x55W). Constant lumen bundles of 2500 lm per module and a system efficiency of 85lm/W allow for a long, efficient luminaire life.

The modules can used stand-alone or be combined seamlessly to homogeneous strip lights, appearing as a single continuous light area.

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