Lighting management system offers time savings of 74 percent

Lighting management system offers time savings of 74 percent

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Intelligent lighting management and control systems are essential for a high quality, user-centred and energy efficient lighting solution. DALI-based solutions such as LITECOM are often compared with KNX systems, based on building services technology. The two systems are fundamentally different in terms of functionality, components, installation, commissioning, configuration and, crucially, operation.

REFA Consulting GmbH, part of the REFA Association for work research, business organisation and corporate development, set about answering this question by comparing a KNX system with the LITECOM lighting management system. The analysis of individual steps and the time required for these revealed valuable information about the extent to which these systems deliver on their promises of simplicity and security.

The research focused on a simulated office space with two continuous light bands made up of three DALI luminaires. One light band was situated near the window and the other was mounted further back in the room, with a blind to help create various different lighting scenarios.

The results of this research showed:

  • The installer required 13 minutes for the configuration and addressing of the lighting sys-tem with LITECOM, based on an average time from three installations. In comparison, it took the same installer 49 minutes to put the same solution into operation using a KNX system.
  • A clear advantage of LITECOM is reflected in the ease of use. Even without expert knowledge, optimum installation and configuration can be achieved after a short briefing – even when it comes to elaborate lighting installations. The addressing wizard function guides the user through each step of the commissioning process and thereby makes light-ing and building control accessible to all.

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