LightSolver puts 100 laser photonic computer in the cloud

LightSolver puts 100 laser photonic computer in the cloud

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By Nick Flaherty

LightSolver in Israel has developed a large scale photonic computer with a laser processing unit (LPU) and cloud access.

The LPU100 photonic computer uses an array of 100 coupled lasers to represent 100 continuous variables and so can tackle problems with up to 120100 combinations.

The system combines all-optical hardware of the LPU100 with LightSolver’s algorithmic processing layer to bring ultra-fast results to enterprises across industries for problems with up to a million variables. 

As a purely optical system, the LPU100 can execute mathematical operations at high speed. For example, a vector matrix multiplication (VMM) can be executed by the LPU100 in as little as 10 nanoseconds, compared to a GPU which needs a few microseconds for the same operation. Another benefit of the LPU100 is that it operates in ambient conditions and is the size of a traditional desktop computer.  

The compute capabilities of the LPU100 are now accessible to select enterprise clients through LightSolver’s new cloud platform.

LightSolver sees the LPU100 and the algorithms being used for logistics to optimize day-to-day operations by improving vehicle routing, scheduling and dispatching, warehouse optimization, and supply chain management in real-time, as well as increasing productivity in factories and warehouses through optimized resource allocation, scheduling, assembly line balancing, and facility layout optimization.

The accuracy and performance of LightSolver’s platform have been established in multiple published papers. In a recent benchmark, LightSolver produced optimal solutions within fractions of a second for the Vehicle Routing Problem (VRP), a classical optimization challenge in logistics that is used to accelerate the delivery and collection of goods, routing, job scheduling, carpooling, and more.

“LightSolver’s new offering of a unique and promising laser-based compute capability through a cloud platform presents a low barrier to entry for a wide range of advanced computing users, enabling them for the first time to explore this quantum-inspired technology for their demanding and mission-critical workloads,” said Bob Sorensen, Senior Vice President of Research and Chief Analyst for Quantum Computing, Hyperion Research. 

LightSolver outperformed the industry “gold standard,” demonstrating the platform’s ability to manage real-time schedule adjustments in dynamic operations. 

“The LPU100 gives enterprises a competitive advantage today by enabling them to fully optimize their business processes and make better, data-backed decisions,” said LightSolver CEO and co-founder Ruti Ben Shlomi. “This technological achievement is already proving more scalable and practical than quantum computers and supercomputers, and we are excited to share its power with our customers through the cloud-based LightSolver platform.”

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