Lincor pendant luminaire combines primary optics and LED mini cells

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The combination of primary optics for the light spot resolution and LED minicells for glare control and homogeneous indirect light distribution creates a high illumination quality. The high share of the direct light of 83% and a high luminaire overall efficiency of up to 88 lm/W make the Lincor a standard for sustainability.

The patented light technology is based on three success factors: Light control, a powerful LED module and the LED minicells. The interplay of technology and aesthetic design made it possible to efficiently direct the indirect light upwards. A continuous light ladder decouples the light from the luminaire und distributes it evenly across the ceiling. The auto-cooling LED module emits the light directly and indirectly; it features a color index of Ra80 and an operating life expectancy of 50.000 hours (at an accepted degradation to 70%). The LED light spots emitted by the LED minicells are homogenized in a mixing chamber and then purposefully directed to the working area.

Two versions of the Lincor pendant luminaire are available. The matt comfort cell visualizes the direct light and makes the luminaire appear as an evenly illuminating line, highlighting architectural structures. In contrast, the high-gloss darklight cell conceals the direct light and creates an agreeable atmosphere. As an option, a control unit is available for dimming.

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