Linear actuator features integral connector option

Linear actuator features integral connector option

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Haydon Kerk Motion Solutions released the SplineRail, a motorized linear actuator with an integrated connector. Offered alone or with a harness assembly, the connector is RoHS compliant and features a positive latch for high-connection integrity. The integral connector is rated for up to 3A, and the mating connector will handle a range of wire gauges from 28 to 22 gauge.
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This configuration is well suited for users who want to plug directly into a pre-existing wire harness. The SplineRail combines mechanical drive, guidance, and a stepper motor actuator in a single, compact component. The system uses a Size 17 single stack or double stack stepper motor with either a 1.8 or 0.9 degree motor step angle. Screw leads are available from 1.27 to 30.5mm per revolution, providing a wide range of performance profiles that include self-locking threads, which can support a load without external power or breaks.

The SplineRail technology uses a Kerk precision rolled lead screw, supported by bearings and contained within a concentric aluminium spline, driving an integrated Kerkite composite polymer nut/bushing. The extruded aluminium spline offers excellent torsional stability. KerKote TFE coating and self-lubricating Kerkite nut/bushing material ensure long life and zero maintenance. Typical applications include pick-and-place mechanisms and robotic assemblies in life sciences instrumentation, semiconductor equipment, business machines, packaging and assembly.

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