Lithium Thionyl Chloride battery cells for industrial designs

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By Nick Flaherty

Ultralife has launched a range of Lithium Thionyl Chloride cylindrical cells for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs).

The ER Generation X family of cells features one of the most rugged, energy dense lithium chemistries available with a specific energy density of 400Wh/kg. This provides stable long-term energy that offers consistent performance across a wide temperature range for applications such as utility metering, radio communication, alarms, security systems and GPS.

“The Generation X family of LiSOCl2 cells provides long-life power and superior discharge current capabilities in a whole breadth of applications,” said J.D. DiGiacomandrea, applications engineering manager at Ultralife. “These cells, which are manufactured in our fully renovated factory, offer high and consistent performance compared to the competition in the market.

“Designed for use in temperature ranges between -55 and +85 ºC, the Generation X cells reliably deliver high and stable discharge voltage, regardless of the environment. This makes them ideal for demanding applications such as GPS and radio communication in military and defense settings,” he said. “Real world testing shows that the Generation X range’s performance across temperatures and rates is second-to-none, and Ultralife’s commitment to great prices, performance and lead times means that these cells are an excellent option for any engineer that wants to get the most out of their industrial batteries.”

The range offers a ten-year shelf life, with a self-discharge rate of less than two per cent per year due to the chemistry of the cell and a hermetic glass-to-metal seal.

The Generation X range of LiSOCl2 cells are available in AA, C and D sizes, in both spiral (high rate) and bobbin (high capacity) types. For European design engineers, the Generation X ER battery range is available via battery manufacturer Accutronics, an Ultralife company.

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