Long-life portable tracker in a credit card-sized footprint

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The rebrandable device offers a slim credit card-sized footprint, long battery life and embedded software capabilities.

Navigil PT220 Portable Tracker can operate long periods of time without charging. The ultra-low sleep current of 30 uA is achieved by intelligent power saving logic and inherently low-power hardware design. It can be easily recharged with a USB cable or with the optional charging dock. PT220 tracker’s credit card-sized footprint makes it easy to discreetly fit it in jacket pockets, into parcels of any size and even attach it in personnel and visitor identification cards.

Security benefits offered by PT220 Portable Tracker can be applied to multiple industries and use cases. Manufacturers or industrial sites can use the device to track their workers’ or visitors’ location. The PT220 can be worn with a lanyard or using a pocket clip. Industries that regularly send valuable equipment or items can discreetly know at all times the packages’ location, direction and speed of movement.

In personal use, parents can place PT220 into their kids’ pockets to ensure they do not lose track of them in crowded places like amusement parks. Family members could use the device to know the whereabouts of their elderly relatives or people with Alzheimer’s or dementia in case of emergency.

“The slim footprint and low cost of the PT220 opens up new business opportunities in keeping track of important people and valuable parcels”, says Matti Räty, President and CEO of Navigil. “The rebrandable enclosure, easily customizable embedded software and engineering support enable fast time to market. It is easy to differentiate a solution on the market using the cost effective PT220 with industry benchmark multidimensional geofence functionality, ultra low power consumption and extensive configurability.”

Unlike most of the tracking solutions on the market that send out massive amounts of raw data for back-end processing, PT220 Portable Tracker refines the raw data into concise messages and independent actions thanks to the intelligent embedded software processing. Based on pre-set criteria, alerts and functional scripts can be launched from within the device whenever a specified condition like a geofence is breached or a pre-set time period is exceeded.

The device can send out location reports via GPRS data connection or by SMS. Location information can also be inquired with a simple phone call or text message.

Navigil PT220 Portable Tracker will be commercially available in June 2013.

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