Low loss RF combiner for high speed PXI measurements

Low loss RF combiner for high speed PXI measurements

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In addition to providing summed signal outputs, the two-input combiner module supports various combinations of input and output switched path configurations, to enable testing of single- and multi-port RF devices without the need to alter connections.

Operating over the frequency range 250 MHz to 6 GHz, the 3065A provides a combined low loss connection for a RF signal generator and RF digitizer to a mobile phone antenna, while offering high isolation between input ports and accepting input of power levels of up to +33dBm for TDMA burst signals or +30dBm for continuous CW.

The low loss between the unit under test and the digitizer increases overall test system sensitivity, reducing the measurement uncertainty due to noise, and hence enabling more accurate calibration of mobile phone transmitters for UMTS and GSM UEs. The improvement in system sensitivity is two-fold, thanks to the lower insertion loss and higher input power handling capability compared to earlier models. To support the 3065A a new version of Aeroflexs PXI Studio application software v1.11 is also available to download free of charge from

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