Low-noise, low-light sensor comes with 41-megapixels

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By Peter Clarke

Gigajot Technology Inc. (Pasadena, Calif.) has introduced the GJ04122 41-megapixel sensor and associated QIS41 camera for scientific and industrial imaging applications.

The GJ04122 sensor is capable of photon counting and photon number resolving at room temperature. The QIS41 camera, built around the GJ04122 sensor, pairs well with standard 4/3-inch microscopy optical systems.

Development of the GJ04122 sensor was funded in part by the US National Science Foundation SBIR Program. It has a 2.2-micron pixel and has a read noise of 0.35 electrons. The sensor is capable of photon counting and photon number resolving up to its top speed of 30 frames per second at full resolution.

While pushing the limits of low light imaging, the GJ04122 sensor also offers a single-exposure dynamic range of 95 dB based on Gigajot’s patented high dynamic range pixel.

The QIS41 is a fully featured scientific camera based on the GJ04122 sensor. The QIS41 camera has a SuperSpeed USB 3.0 interface and is capable of true photon counting at room temperature.

The QIS41 camera can be pre-ordered for 4Q22 delivery.

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