Low-power MCU offers tiny package options

Low-power MCU offers tiny package options

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By Jean-Pierre Joosting

Renesas Electronics Corporation has introduced a new general-purpose microcontroller (MCU) in the low-power RL78 family, with small package sizes that target 8-bit MCU applications. The versatile RL78/G15 packs many peripheral functions and 4-8KB of code flash memory in package sizes ranging from 8 to 20 pins, with the smallest 8-pin device measuring only 3- x 3-mm. These features are designed to keep system size small and reduce the cost of end systems, such as industrial, consumer, sensor control, lighting, and inverter applications. In addition, the maximum operating ambient temperature of 125°C facilitates optimal thermal design, covering a wide temperature range and allowing the MCU to be used near heat-generating components such as inverter motors.

“The RL78 family is known for its excellent power efficiency and optimized peripheral functions,” said Toshihiko Seki, Vice President of Renesas’ MCU Device Solution Business Division. “To date, we have shipped over 7.1 billion units in the 11 years since its release, and we are currently shipping 100 million units per month. Renesas will continue to expand cost-effective and easy-to-use 8-bit and 16-bit MCUs that support customers’ requirements.”
“We welcome the expansion of Renesas’ RL78 family offerings to the extensive low-end MCU market,” said Lotta Frimanson, Director of Product Management at IAR Systems. “As the only partner supporting the entire RL78 family of MCUs, IAR is committed to providing high-class development systems that allow engineers worldwide to make the most out of the RL78 MCU’s capabilities and generate fast and compact code for efficient development.”
Key features of the RL78/G15 MCU include:

  1. RL78 16-bit CPU core operating at 16 MHz.
  2. Wide operating ambient temperature range of -40°C to 125°C.
  3. Available in 8-pin to 20-pin packages, with the smallest 3- x 3-mm WDFN package.
  4. All pins can be used for general-purpose I/O, except VDD and VSS power supply pins.
  5. Up to 8 KB of code flash memory, 1 KB of data flash, and 1 KB of SRAM.
  6. Supports operating voltages from 2.4 V to 5.5 V.
  7. Multiple serial interfaces supported: CSI, UART, Simple I2C, and multi-master I2C.
  8. High-precision oscillator (±1.0%).
  9. Built-in comparator.

Similar to other RL78 devices, engineers designing with the new RL78/G15 can use the GUI-based Smart Configurator to easily generate driver code for peripheral functions. Renesas also offers the Fast Prototyping Board (FPB) for evaluation, which comes with Arduino Uno and Pmod™ Type 6A interfaces with access to all pins. In addition, debugging and programming are possible using only a USB cable. Using an Arduino library that can run on the FPB, developers can gain access to development resources of the RL78 as well as the vast resources offered through the Arduino ecosystem, so that they can quickly turn their ideas into a working solution.

Winning Combinations

Renesas has developed the 100-W USB Power Delivery (PD) Adaptor with Multi-Output that can power a variety of systems. This highly efficient power supply includes a high-performance PFC (Power Factor Correction) controller, an AC/DC controller, and a high-performance DC-DC buck device, in addition to the RL78/G15 MCU. This power supply enables an all-in-one mobile charger for users to easily charge their notebook, tablet, or mobile phone without worrying about incompatibility, making it an ideal combination for quick chargers, mobile devices, or adapters.

This full system is part of Renesas’ Winning Combinations, which optimally combine mutually compatible Renesas devices that work together seamlessly to reduce user design risk and shorten time to market. Renesas offers more than 300 other Winning Combinations with a wide range of products from its portfolio.

The RL78/G15 MCU is available today in volume production.


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