Low pressure sensor offers high long-term stability

Low pressure sensor offers high long-term stability

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By Christoph Hammerschmidt

The sensor system is available in two configurations: SM9333 with a pressure range of +/- 125 Pa (0.50inch in H2O) and SM9336 with a pressure range of +/- 250 Pa (1inch / 2.54cm in H2O). The total accuracy error after board and system-level autozero application is less than 1% FS over the entire compensated temperature range of -20° to 85°C. The 16-bit resolution offers the possibility to process signals up to 0.0038 Pa. The long service life of the sensor is supported by its optimized warm-up behavior and long-term stability.


The system supply ranges from 3.0 to 5.5 V and has been developed for low-power applications with low power consumption, additionally optimized by the available sleep mode. The ASIC architecture and noise filtering delivers low noise and extremely low EMC susceptibility.

The small SO16 package with double vertical connection allows easy system integration and pressure connection. The MEMS sensor has a high burst pressure and is insensitive to mounting positions and vibrations.

The SM933X is the solution for flow measurement applications as it delivers high performance regardless of hose length and is not affected by particles in the air flow. The product can be used as a versatile sensor in air conditioning systems, to determine the air flow in systems with variable air volume (VAV) and to detect filter cleanliness in e.g. central ventilation units (AHU).

SMI also sees potential applications for medical technology. Ultra-low-pressure sensors are used in this industry for CPAP flow measurement. Integration and use in CPAP devices is facilitated by the sensor’s insensitivity to the mounting orientation, its high resolution and its low noise level. In addition, the SM933X improves pressure measurement in industrial applications and replaces costly multi-component devices with a single sensor system in a small package and inherent long-term stability. The most important applications include pressure transmitters and pressure switches.

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