Low profile piezoceramic audio speakers are 4.5mm thin

Low profile piezoceramic audio speakers are 4.5mm thin

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The Blue line SPS Piezoceramic speaker series from Sonitron comes equipped with a high power adhesive tape and soldering connection pads, ready for mounting in fast production lines. These series are reproducing sound signals at very low distortion (below1%) and in a broad frequency range. The casing is designed to avoid sound wave reflection in the air outlet.
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Only 4.5mm thick, models SPS-29-T00, SPS-41-T00 and SPS-53-T00 come in a footprint of 29×32, 43.5×41 and 61.2x53mm respectively, and operate over the frequency ranges of 1KHz to 20kHz, 450Hz to 20kHz and 300Hz to 20kHz respectively, delivering maximum sound pressure levels of 86, 90 and 93dB. Designed for a broad range of applications, all the devices are rated for operation between -20 and +60ºC, from 60Vpp maximum. Dust, water- and shock-proof, the audio speakers can also be used as microphones.

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