Low resistance GaN power switch delivers fastest power-switching performance

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By eeNews Europe

Using VisIC’s gallium nitride power transistors, the ALL-Switch (Advanced Low-Loss Switch) claims to provide the fastest power-switching devices available amongst all low resistance switching components.  ALL-Switch is suitable for a range of applications including photovoltaic inverters, UPS, hybrid electric vehicles/electric vehicles and high voltage DC-DC conversion.  

Tamara Baksht (PhD), CEO and founder of VisIC Technologies, said:  “With the combinations of our technology and the cost of GaN on Si, we see ourselves able to meet our goal to deliver GaN performance to OEMs at Silicon MOSFET prices.  This is the long awaited ‘game-changer’ for GaN in power conversion devices.  Delivering this promise to the very large 650 V applications space will rapidly expand the use of GaN-based components since GaN also provides the efficiency gains, cost reductions and size reductions OEMs want to deliver to their customers in systems currently using Silicon IGBTs and MOSFETs.”


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