Low-voltage CMOS logic family targets a wide range of applications

Low-voltage CMOS logic family targets a wide range of applications

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The new 74LVCxx logic ICs are designed for a broad range of computing applications including desktop and notebook PCs, computer peripherals like hard-disk and optical drives, networking equipment such as routers and hubs, as well as an array of consumer equipment including TVs, set-top boxes, DVRs and gaming consoles.

Currently available devices in the family include: hex inverters, hex inverters and buffers with open drains, and hex inverters with Schmitt trigger inputs.

Variations of quadruple NAND, AND, OR, XOR and two types of tri-state buffer gates will soon be available.

Key advantages of the new logic family include: a 1.65 V to 5.5 V range, allowing use in both battery-operated and traditional 5V applications; voltage tolerant inputs, to 5.5 V, for use in a mixed-voltage environment; supply current of less than 1 μA in many applications; and I(OFF) output circuitry, which disables the outputs preventing backflow current when the device is powered down.

Additionally, the device inputs can be driven at 3.3 V or 5.5 V for voltage translation applications.

New ICs in the expanded family, which are direct drop-in replacements for industry-standard parts and are available at highly competitive prices, include:

74LVC00AT14-13 – Quadruple 2-Input NAND Gates
74LVC04AT14-13 – Hex Inverters
74LVC06AT14-13 – Hex Inverters with Open-Drain Outputs
74LVC07AT14-13 – Hex Buffers with Open-Drain Outputs
74LVC08AT14-13 – Quadruple 2-Input AND Gates
74LVC14AT14-13 – Hex Inverters with Schmitt Trigger Inputs
74LVC32AT14-13 – Quadruple 2-Input OR Gates
74LVC86AT14-13 – Quadruple 2-Input XOR Gates
74LVC125AT14-13 – Quadruple 3 State Buffers OE LOW
74LVC126AT14-13 – Quadruple 3 State Buffers OE HIGH

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