Low-Voltage MOSFET for battery protection in 5G smartphones

Low-Voltage MOSFET for battery protection in 5G smartphones

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By Nick Flaherty

Magnachip Semiconductor has launched a new generation Low Voltage MOSFETs with lower RDS(on) resistance for battery Protection Circuit Modules (PCMs) in smartphones.

As demand for high-end 5G and LTE smartphones increases, extended battery life and strengthened protection features for batteries are becoming important. 5G phones, in particular, need long-lasting batteries with high endurance to process the large amount of data for fast download and upload.

The LV MOSFETs range from 12V to 30V with advanced overvoltage and overcurrent protection features extend battery life and reduce overheating issues. Magnachip began mass production of this new 6.5th generation (6.5G) product last month and it is being used in a new 2022 flagship model from one of the world’s largest smartphone manufacturers.

The RDS(on) of this new 6.5G product is 20 percent lower than the previous version with the same chip size to reduce current loss and improve heat dissipation. This lower resistance supports power density above 25W to prevent a battery from overheating and protects the PCM while the battery is being fast-charged. The MOSFET also adds a Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) protection diode that mitigates a maximum of 2kV, based on the human-body model, to strengthen circuit protection and prevent damage to other smartphone components.

The wireless earphone market is also rapidly growing, which will further drive up the demand for LV MOSFETs. Magnachip has sold more than 1.3 billion units of LV MOSFETs in the last 10 years and more than 900 million units of MOSFETs for battery PCMs.

“Despite the current global chip shortage, we are confident that we can maintain a strong supplier capability for our customers as an integrated device manufacturer for these new 6.5G products,” said YJ Kim, CEO of Magnachip. “We will continue to maintain a close rapport with our existing customers and expand our presence in the global market at the same time.”

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