Lowest-profile, highest density 180W PSUs have medical approvals

Lowest-profile, highest density 180W PSUs have medical approvals

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The power levels delivered by the units – 120W with convection-only cooling, and 180W with 10 cfm airflow – would more typically be expected of a 3 x 5-in. outline, relative to which the ECP180 takes a 46% smaller footprint. The units also have a low profile of 1 in. (25.4 mm.) XP believes ther is, “nothing [in the market] that will give this much power from this volume.”


The IT and medically approved units have an average active mode efficiency of 93% and a no load power consumption of less than 0.5 W. Their published efficiency curve is essentially flat from 30 – 100% of full load and declines only to around 84% at 10% of full load. With PFC and a universal input range of 85 to 264 VAC, the ECP180 is available in six output voltage models providing the popular nominal outputs of +12, +15, + 24, +28, +36 or +48 VDC. A secondary 12 VDC / 0.5 A fan output is standard across the range. There is no derating of output until 50C ambient temperatures, or with lower output voltages; “many supplies in the market derate well below 50C and at voltages under 24V,” according to the company. Extended operating temperature range from -20 to +70C is standard.

Meeting the ITE safety specifications of UL/IEC/EN 60950-1 and the latest stringent 3rd edition medical safety standards ANSI/AAMI ES 60601-1 and IEC/EN60601-1, the ECP180 series is suitable for use in a wide range of information technology, industrial and medical equipment applications. They also have a 5000-m altitude rating. The units also comply with the internationally recognised EMC standards EN55011 and EN55022 Class B specifications for conducted noise emissions. The ECP180 has a 3 year warranty.

XP notes that in their portfolio, supplies for healthcare applications – in general, those requiring the medical approvals – is a steady growth sector, and is particularly strong in their North American sales figures; the company also notes that “green” factors are an increasing part of customer requirements in power supplies – not only the efficiency and standby performance of the units, but environmental considerations that extend to how the factories that make the products are operated.

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