LpS 2011 symposium focuses exclusively on LED lighting technologies

LpS 2011 symposium focuses exclusively on LED lighting technologies

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The LED Lighting Technologies Symposium in Bregenz, Austria, will offer developers, buyers, users as well as researchers, suppliers of LED and system solutions, distributors, and others an information and communication platform focused on the implementation of LEDs in lighting applications.
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The event is poised to meet the growing demand from industry and users for a trade show and symposium focusing exclusively on the subject of LED lighting. The LED professional Symposium + Expo 2011 (LpS 2011) will be host to the LED community on September 27th -29th in Bregenz.

“LED technology for lighting applications needed its own international platform, and now there is the LpS 2011,” explained symposium director, Siegfried Luger. He compared the LpS Symposium with the Embedded World trade show in Nuremberg, expressing his belief that the Bregenz event has the potential to establish itself as the must-see show for the LED Lighting industry and the most important European event focused on LED technology for lighting applications, much like Embedded World has become Mecca for embedded computing.

Worldwide, LpS 2011 is the first symposium that focuses exclusively on the subject of Solid State Lighting in the nature of active, passive, mechanical and optical components. A considerable number of experts in the areas of specific tools as well as the complex subject of Measuring/Testing/Manufacturing will be attending. Four of the world’s biggest LED manufacturers are amongst the over 60 exhibitors at the fair. Fifteen media partners from Germany, France, Great Britain, Austria, Switzerland and the U.S. are all supporting the event.

The topics of the lectures at the symposium cover the entire spectrum of Solid State Lighting, the organizer said: Starting from electroluminescent diodes in the areas of research and practice, to optics and driver IC’s, on to heat sinks, substrates and complete steering modules. Other topics that will be discussed are commercial aspects, the corresponding design and configuration tools, testing and measuring instruments as well as production technology aspects.

On the first day, a three part workshop sets the stage for the official opening and three keynote speeches. These will touch on the topics of possibilities and challenges that LEDs bring for luminaire manufacturers as well as the “Challenges of LED Lighting Systems”. The third keynote speech will be given by Prof. Dr. Sergei Ikovenko from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in Boston. He will be talking about the technological evolution in the area of LED lighting.

The second day of the symposium starts off with LED technologies. The afternoon will focus on electronic and optical components whereby the subjects of customized and free form optics and the effects of material variations in synthetic lenses and cost optimized optics will be presented. In the area of electronic components the subjects will be drivers, spectral tuning, design perspectives for controlling, and special printed circuit board technologies.

At the end of the second day the Gala Dinner not only offers the participants a festive evening, but also presents the chance for an additional communication platform.

Three sessions on the subjects of Testing/Measuring/Manufacturing, LED Lighting Systems and Standardization/Reliability round the symposium up on the third day. The last of the presentations will be about standardization, norms and the selection of LEDs in order to guarantee quality and reliability.

For further information and registration, visit www.lps2011.com


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