LTE bandwidths rise with 3-carrier aggregation demo

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By eeNews Europe

LTE-Advanced (“LTE-A”) Carrier Aggregation (“CA”) enables mobile operators with limited contiguous frequency allocations to realise superior data rates through combining spectrum resources. End-users will benefit from the higher data rates as they download and access bandwidth intensive content such as video and online games on their mobile devices.

Three carriers with downlink bandwidths of 20 MHz, 10 MHz and 10 MHz were used to achieve the 300 Mbps (Category 6) on Anite’s Development Toolset. Ultimately, aggregation of three Component Carriers – with 20 MHz bandwidth each – allows mobile operators to deliver downlink data rates to end-users of up to 450 Mbps. “The 3 CC CA achievement underlines how Anite’s collaborative relationships with key industry players and its advanced technology roadmap accelerate the development of LTE-A CA chipsets and devices”, says Paul Beaver, Products Director at Anite.



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