Lynk Labs appoints Alcom Electronics for LED distribution

Lynk Labs appoints Alcom Electronics for LED distribution

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AC LED technology company Lynk Labs Inc., has signed an agreement with Alcom Electronics, a distributor of LED and electronics components to the OEM market in Belgium, Luxemburg and The Netherlands.
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Lynk and Alcom are leveraging each other’s strengths to expand the availability of Lynk’s patented AC LED/HV LED (“AC LED technology”) to OEMs in the Benelux region. According to Lynk, the relationship will allow it to deliver a broad range of OEM-friendly low-voltage and direct mains AC LED total solutions into a strategically important region of Europe.

AC LEDs from Lynk Labs now reach more than 100 lm/w, delivering efficacies that compete with DC LED solutions in many cases. The LEDs are being designed into high volume lighting applications such as down lights and lamps. According to Alcom, more and more OEMs are taking a closer look at AC LED technology as a solution for their product needs. The broad range of benefits the technology offers goes beyond simply reducing or eliminating a large power supply. According to Alcom’s top management, Lynk’s broad IP portfolio and comprehensive product offering in the AC LED space are seen as an opportunity to add to Alcom’s LED offering for OEMs. The company views AC LED as offering the most competitive solution for high reliability at price points that many lighting applications now need to realize mass market adoption.

The AC LED products made available through Lynk and Alcom will include low voltage and high voltage, standard and custom, AC LED light sources and drive solutions.

“The reputation and added value service model of the Alcom group is exactly what is required to bring this novel technology to the broader OEM lighting market” commented Bob Kottritsch, Vice President of Business Development for Lynk Labs in Europe. “Not only is AC LED now an established market segment, but one seeing rapid and substantial growth. We’re excited that this new partnership brings Alcom’s client focus and considerable AC LED marketing experience to support our European growth plan.”

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