Machine-learning processor startup born in Bristol

Machine-learning processor startup born in Bristol

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Nigel Toon, formerly CEO of XMOS Ltd., has taken up the CEO's position at Graphcore Ltd. (Bristol, England), a hardware systems company developing IPU-Accelerator cards intended to accelerate machine-learning applications.
By Jean-Pierre Joosting


Although Graphcore describes itself as a systems company it also claims to have invented the intelligent processing unit or IPU. The IPU works alongside a CPU to accelerate machine-learning software. It is not clear whether the IPU is implemented as fully-diffused silicon or as a programmed version of a field-programmable device.

The IPU supports massively parallel, low-precision floating point computation to provide higher compute density than other solutions, the company claims on its website. The IPU is backed up by a set of software tools and libraries that are designed to integrate with leading machine-learning development frameworks.

Graphcore says it will start delivering server-class IPU products soon. The company has a second address in Palo Alto, California.

Mark Lippett, who has been serving XMOS as chief operating officer, is expected to step up to the posts of president and chief executive officer.

XMOS: Multichannel Digital Audio Connectivity

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