Magillem Design Services and CEA join forces on unified hw/sw design platform

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To shorten time-to-market, designers integrate more and more software to add functionality and flexibility. Current development methods for embedded systems decouple the design of application software from the design of its execution platform. This results in intractable verification of the entire system, along with sub-optimal hardware/software partitions, and discontinuities in the design flow. It also makes specifications revision difficult and directly impacts time-to-market.

Magillem brings its know-how in design methods and tools as well as innovative solutions for complex SOC design and reuse. Leti and LIST, institutes of CEA, will bring their expertise on SOC design to help Magillem extend its design technology offer. The goal is to ease hardware-and-software integration and enable global validation of SOC.

The joint-development work will take place at the CRI PILSI, the Integration Research Center of the International Software and Smart Systems Cluster, in Gières, France.

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