Magnet wire termination contacts

Magnet wire termination contacts

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In contrast to more time-consuming processes, such as soldering or welding, the Mag-Mate wire termination results in a repeatedly accurate, gas-tight interconnection of the highest reliability, says the manufacturer.

The poke-in terminal’s design turns the secondary IDC slot into a strain relief. The resilience of the tin-plated brass beams, forming the poke-in terminal’s two slots, allows a gas-tight electrical connection with the wire plus enhanced strain relief. When the metal terminal is inserted in the plastic cavity (housing), the positive connection between terminal and cavity wall prevents relaxation over time, thus making the interconnection extremely durable. The UL approved poke-in terminal is available in two sizes (types B and D) covering between them a wide range of copper wire gauges from 0.36 to 1.83 millimeters (AWG 27 – 13). The termination products also work very well with aluminium magnet wire, if the insertion depth of the terminal is specified for the light weight material’s properties.

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