Magnetometer ensure workers’ safety

Magnetometer ensure workers’ safety

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Manufactured by Narda Safety Test Solutions, the device features an extremely wide measurement range of 10µT to 10T, while built-in orthogonally mounted Hall-effect sensors allow the field to be determined with a single measurement in any direction. 

The HP-01 can take measurements to ensure compliance with the Control of Electromagnetic Fields at Work Regulations 2016, which are the transposition into UK law of EU Directive 2013/35/EU. The magnetometer will help to avoid hazards due to the indirect effects of strong magnetic fields, such as projectile risk or interference with active implanted or body-worn medical devices such as pacemakers and infusion pumps. Typical areas where strong magnetic fields may be encountered include medical applications such as magnetic resonance imaging, DC motors in electric trains, and industrial processes involving the use of large magnetic stirrers, strong permanent magnets or electrolysis. Capable of measuring time-varying fields with frequencies up to 1000Hz, the HP-01 incorporates a powerful FFT analyser that allows detailed, highly accurate signal analysis in both time and frequency domains. Results can be displayed as a live spectrum or showing the variation in the spectrum over time graphically as either a waterfall diagram or a spectrogram.

Since the limit values in safety standards are usually specified for static fields and time-varying fields with frequencies up to 1Hz, the magnetometer facilitates compliance measurements by the inclusion of a built-in finite impulse response (FIR) filter that captures only frequency components in the 0Hz to 1Hz range.

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