Marl extends low-cost LED portfolio with white devices up to 3W

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The latest additions to Marl’s Ledman portfolio are manufactured in China, and prove their high quality credentials by achieving ultra-high reliability and lumen maintenance figures better than 50ppm failures and 5% luminance degradation after up to 6000 hours testing. The LEDs deliver greater stability, consistency and performance per price than comparable alternative devices on the market. An electronic catalogue is available on request.

The 1W and 3W high-intensity white LEDs are delivered in thermally-efficient surface-mount packages, and generate up to 110 lumens. The devices have a wide viewing angle of 135° and are available in pure-white and warm-white colour variants.
Marl’s Ledman white LED portfolio also includes the 3528 and 5050 series in the industry-standard Plastic Leaded Chip Carrier (PLCC) surface-mount package offering pure- and warm-white colours. The 7-lumen 3528 series and 18-lumen 5050 series benefit from high thermal efficiency, and wide viewing angle of 120°, smooth beam pattern and high anti-ESD performance. A series of eight high-performance through-hole LEDs spanning 7800K to 2850K colour temperatures (pure-white to warm-white), offering an aggressively priced alternative to established brands, completes Marl’s portfolio of Ledman white LEDs.

The 3528 series of RGB LEDs is also new, in leadless surface-mount packages compatible with automated assembly. The small size and low profile of these devices allows use in space-constrained applications such as slim display cabinets. By achieving outstanding heat dissipation, vibration resistance, stability and lifetime, these devices match or better the performance of comparable alternative devices and deliver an improved price-performance proposition for customers.
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