MCU platform accelerates development by 6 months

MCU platform accelerates development by 6 months

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By Jean-Pierre Joosting

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Anders has expanded their embedded capabilities with the launch of DRAGONEYE, a groundbreaking MCU development platform based on the STM32F4 series CPU.

The first iteration of the development platform is paired with a rotary encoder display, with others to follow. It promises to be a game-changer for engineers and product developers worldwide, by providing a pre-developed hardware/software combination that is easy to integrate within a system to enhance the User Experience interaction of the final application.

The development platform not only allows idea validation with a quick proof of concept, but also allows development of software for a final prototype, saving up to 6 months in time and financial resources in hardware development and driver integration. Until now, navigating the intricate landscape of hardware and software development with high performance graphical capabilities can be an expensive and time-consuming endeavour.

DRAGONEYE is powered by the ARM Cortex M4 core from ST Microelectronics, making it ideal for rapid development, testing and evaluation of display performance, GUI designs, software control, I/O communication ports, and more. This development platform has pre-developed drivers for an expanding range of circular displays, input encoders and touch sensors which will save significant engineering time and effort in development and debugging. DRAGONEYE not only delivers a rapid proof of concept but accelerates the overall product prototype development.

The DRAGONEYE development platform is designed with versatility in mind to accelerate the product development cycle. Anders can easily customise DRAGONEYE by re-purposing the industrial grade hardware, the software, or the mechanical features for production reality, and provide a complete sub-assembly for mass production and long-term continuity of supply.

The Anders engineering team can design a platform from concept to production quickly taking into consideration, for example, custom needs such as a specific display size or shape or a different STM32-MCU configuration.

Key DRAGONEYE features include:

  • High-performance STM32F4 series MCU featuring MIPI-DSI and RGB interface.
  • Expanded memory options of 16MB SDRAM and Flash for peace of mind UI/UX development.
  • Extensive host connectivity covering UART, SPI, CAN bus, I2C, and GPIOs to directly drive host co-processor or sensors/actuators.
  • Expansion connectivity including UART, I2C, GPIOs, Wi-Fi/BT for total standalone applications.
  • High contrast 480 x 480 (or 240 x 240) IPS-TFT LCD.
  • User input interaction via rotary encoder or capacitive touchscreen options.
  • GUI rendering via a built-in display driver IC.

The DRAGONEYE development platform is ready to run and comes with access to STM’s trusted ‘cube’ suite of software tools including the TouchGFX GUI editor; pre-integrated hardware with 2.1-inch rotary encoder LCD (1.3-inch rotary encoder or 2.1-inch circular capacitive touchscreen display options available soon), and a pre-developed software driver package (BSP).

DRAGONEYE isn’t limited to a single niche; it caters to a wide array of industries, including smart home and buildings, medical devices, fitness and well-being, industrial control, audio and much more.

Anders Electronics has chosen the STM32 microcontroller family for its graphics acceleration, memory integration, advanced display interfaces, and intelligent architecture. STM32 MCUs enable a premium user experience while keeping total cost of development in check. STM32 also brings to the table the largest portfolio of advanced UI graphics on 32-bit Arm Cortex microcontrollers and complimentary state-of-the-art software and design tools.

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