mCube forms indoor navigation subsidiary

mCube forms indoor navigation subsidiary

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mCube recently launched a 9-degrees-of-freedom inertial sensor for use within Android mobile devices that includes a virtual gyroscope function that it claims has space, power consumption advantages over rivals’ inertial sensors. However, Ten Degrees added value would appear to be based on synthesizing information from multiple sources to come up with an accurate indication of position.

Although indoor-navigation based on dead-reckoning has been offered for some time it has been criticized for being insufficiently accurate to provide a reliable business platform (see Has indoor navigation lost its way?).

Ten Degrees was formed in April 2014 as the first step to the creation of an independent entity focused on making business around indoor navigation. Ten Degrees has developed a software navigation engine that takes advantage of positioning information derived from the inertial-sensors available in virtually all current smartphones, and combines Wi-Fi and Bluetooth signals with indoor map information to determine indoor location.

Ramesh Raman has been appointed CEO of Ten Degrees. Previously he was with Amyris, a company in the renewable fuels and chemicals sector where he was senior vice president of global manufacturing and supply chain. Prior to that Raman worked at consulting firm McKinsey & Company in the semiconductor, consumer goods and retail industries. Jobe Price, former vice president of software at mCube, has moved to take the role of chief technology officer at Ten Degrees.

"With this strategic move, Ten Degrees and mCube can focus on their unique market segments, while also benefitting from each company’s technology development and expertise," said Raman, in a statement. "We look forward to delivering a solution that can easily and accurately guide users indoors, whether to an individual cubicle in an office building, to a specific item in a retail store, or to a room in a hospital, bringing users literally within arm’s reach of their desired indoor location."

"Ten Degrees will be able to build an entire business around its navigation software engine, while allowing mCube to continue expanding its core business around the world’s smallest MEMS motion sensors," said Ben Lee, CEO of mCube, in the same statement. "Ten Degrees comes out of the gate with an early competitive advantage by having access to mCube’s years of proven software expertise in algorithms for sensors in smart devices, enabling the company to quickly deliver indoor navigation solutions to customers and partners."

Ten Degrees has offices in San Jose, California and Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

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