MediaTek drops ‘big-little’ strategy for AI-capable mobile processor

MediaTek drops ‘big-little’ strategy for AI-capable mobile processor

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By Peter Clarke

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MediaTek Inc. (Hsinchu, Taiwan) has announced the Dimensity 9300 flagship mobile phone chip with an “all-big-core” design strategy to achieve performance for gaming, video capture and on-device generative AI processing.

The Dimensity 9300 is implemented in TSMC’s 4nm manufacturing process and features four Cortex-X4 cores that can run at up to 3.25GHz clock frequency and four Cortex-A720 core that can run at up to 2.0GHz.

AI processor

The Dimensity 9300 includes an AI processor core – the APU790 – designed to improve generative AI performance and energy efficiency.

The APU 790 doubles the integer and floating-point operations performance, while reducing power consumption by 45 percent compared with a previous APU core.

MediaTek has developed mixed-precision INT4 quantization technology, which when combined with the company’s proprietary NeuroPilot memory hardware compression, to improve memory bandwidth and reduce memory requirements for some AI models. The APU 790 can support large language models with 1 billion, 7 billion or 13 billion parameters, with scalability up to 33 billion parameters.

MediaTel said the Dimensity 9300 will support Meta Llama 2, Baichuan 2, Baidu AI LLM, and more. This helps developers quickly and efficiently deploy multi-modal generative AI applications to provide users with generative AI experiences such as text, images, and music.


The chip includes a 12-core version of Arm’s Immortalis-G720 GPU providing a 45 percent boost in GPU performance while at the same level of power consumption as the Dimensity 9200. Alternatively the Dimensity 9300 provides a 40 percent reduction in GPU power consumption at the same level of performance as the Dimensity 9200.

The display system uses the chipset’s AI capability to detect primary objects and background images in real-time. Coupled with the MiraVision Picture Quality (PQ) engine, it will dynamically adjust the optimal contrast, sharpness, and color of primary objects.

The 5G R16 modem supports 4CC-CA Sub-6GHz and 8CC-CA mmWave.

Dimensity 9300 supports LPDDR5T 9600Mbps memory.

The first smartphones featuring the Dimensity 9300 chipset will be available in the market by end of 2023, MediaTek said.

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