Meet the Space Junk Collectors

Meet the Space Junk Collectors

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By Wisse Hettinga

“Imagine if every car we ever created was just left on the road,” said aerospace entrepreneur Jeromy Grimmett. “That’s what we’re doing in space.

His company is taking on the ‘high-flyer’ job to remove junk from space. Grimmett’s tiny company, Rogue Space Systems Corp., has devised a daring solution. It’s building “orbots” — satellites with robotic arms that can fly right up to a disabled satellite and fix it. Or these orbots could use their arms to collect orbiting rubble left behind by hundreds of previous launches — dangerous junk that’s become a hazard to celestial navigation.

From the website:
Rogue is engineering the first generation of Orbital Robots. We call them OrbotsTM. The space industry is growing rapidly, and human presence in space is expanding. OrbotsTM are designed to support the growth of the industry and human endeavours in LEO, GEO and beyond

And from their news section:
Rogue Space Systems announces a major milestone for its first launch mission this year. They have successfully delivered their first payload to satellite bus partner EnduroSat and have also successfully completed Preliminary Design Review for two of their orbital robots (Orbots™) spacecraft. The Orbots™ will be part of Rogue’s second launch demonstration mission shortly after the completion of their first. These milestones were achieved while simultaneously completing multiple Phase 1 Small Business Technology Transfers (STTR) contracts and leading the way in the space industry by creating one of the first Sustainability Offices for a new space economy company.
The launch later this year will be the first in-space demonstration of Rogue’s next generation imaging technology for a resident space object as well as proximity operations. Rogue will also be demonstrating the capabilities of their scalable compute platform which supports their algorithm development for future missions. This scalable compute platform will serve on all of Rogue’s Orbots™.

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