MEMS accelerometer with min/max offset sensitivity to temperature delivers predictable and quantifiable performance

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The ADXL350 3-axis MEMS accelerometer has maximum offset temperature sensitivity of ±0.31 mg/°C on the X/Y axes and ±0.49 mg/°C on the Z axis, guaranteeing predictable and quantifiable performance across the full temperature range of −40 to +85°C. MEMS accelerometers on the market today specify only typical offset sensitivity to temperature, requiring calibration over temperature to maintain accurate sensor readings. The ADXL350 Min/Max offset sensitivity to temperature specifications guarantee known, quantifiable offset sensor measurements even in applications that are subjected to a wide temperature range. Additionally, the ADXL350 offers low noise density enabling designers to obtain valid measurements from applications with a low noise floor.

The ADXL350 offers on-board analog to digital conversion with 13-bit resolution, as low as 2 mg/LSB, and is configurable to ±1g/2g/4g/8g range settings. The ADXL350 is available in a small footprint 3-mm x 4-mm x 1.2-mm, 16-lead, plastic-cavity laminate package. The ADXL350 is well suited for high-performance applications in industrial and defence industries such as gas/water meters, environmental monitors and military communications radios.

The ADXL350 MEMS Accelerometer offers a min/max offset sensitivity to temperature of ±0.31 mg/°C X/Y axes and ±0.49 mg/°C Z axis guarantees predictable and quantifiable performance across full temperature range.  The device has a 2 mg/LSB resolution with a 13-bit on-chip A/D converter enables measurement of inclination changes less than 1.0°.

The ADXL350’s low power modes enable intelligent motion-based power management with threshold sensing and active acceleration measurement at low power dissipation

Availability and Pricing

The ADXL350 MEMS Accelerometer in a 3-mm x 4-mm x 1.2-mm 16-lead plastic cavity laminate package is available now and is priced at $4.57 each per 1,000.

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