MEMS test array for simultaneous analysis of 16 PDM channels

MEMS test array for simultaneous analysis of 16 PDM channels

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Audio Precision's new module for its APx500 Series audio analyzers offers simultaneous acquisition and measurement of up to 16 channels of Pulse-Density Modulation (PDM) signals.
By Nick Flaherty


The PDM 16 module is the highest channel-count solution available for MEMS microphone and MEMS mic array testing, claims the manufacturer.

PDM 16 is an optional interface module for the APx555, APx52x Series or APx58x Series audio analyzers. Comprised of the input module installed in the analyzer, a remote interface pod and an extension cable, the module provides sample-accurate inter-channel phase information, critical data for the creation of MEMS mic arrays. Developers of systems using beamforming microphone arrays and other DSP-based multichannel audio acquisition applications depend on a true representation of phase alignment of the input channels to validate their algorithms and designs. PDM 16 utilizes synchronous sampling based on a common clock, thereby assuring a clear picture of the phase relationship between channels. With its acoustically-silent remote pod and extension cable preserving PDM signal integrity for up to 10 meters, PDM 16 readily supports microphone measurements in anechoic chambers. As an added feature, the module can provide up to 50 mA Vdd power supply to the device, or devices, under test.

Along with PDM 16, APx500 Series analyzers can include modules for testing components or systems that also use interfaces ranging from analog to chip-level I2S and TDM protocols, Bluetooth or HDMI. A PDM 16-equipped analyzer can even be equipped with the existing APx PDM module to add two channels of PDM output, as well as power supply rejection (PSR) and jitter measurements.

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