Memsic improves 3-axis magnetometer

Memsic improves 3-axis magnetometer

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The MMC3524xPJ has improved performance in terms of stability over temperature and time reduced power consumption along with a nanoampere sleep mode. It also offers easier calibration and insensitivity to external magnetic disturbance although the sensitivity is reduced to 1024c/G compared with the MMC3416xPJ.

The device is intended for use in mobile applications such as electronic compassing in cellular phones and tablets, pedestrian navigation, gaming controls, wristwatches, in-vehicle GPS navigation, and other magnetic field measuring applications.

The device can be connected directly to a microprocessor, eliminating the need for A/D converters or timing resources. It can operate from a single 1.8 V supply. It can measure magnetic fields within the full scale range of +/-16 Gauss, with 0.5 mG/LSB resolution and 1.5 mG rms noise, enabling heading accuracies of better than 1 degree in electronic compass applications.

The MMC3524xPJ uses MEMSIC’s proprietary anisotropic magnetic resistive (AMR) technology to achieve its high performance. With a full scale range of +/- 24 Gauss (+/- 2400 μTesla), and an RMS noise of 2mGauss (0.2uT), the device offers a dynamic range 2x – 5x greater than its competition.

An on demand SET/RESET function provides for the elimination of error due to Null Field output change with temperature. In addition it clears the sensors of any residual magnetic polarization resulting from exposure to strong external magnets. The on demand SET/RESET function can be performed for each measurement or periodically as the specific application requires providing the flexibilty to maximize perfomance while minimizing power consumption.

The MMC3416xPJ is packaged in a small low profile LGA package (1.6 x 1.6 x 0.6 mm) and has an operating temperature range from -40C to +85C.

The MMC3524xPJ draws 50microamps when performing 10 measurements a second and offers a sleep current of 5nA.

"The magnetic sensors in all previous and current generation mobile phones and tablets require a frequent and cumbersome figure-8 recalibration in order to get an e-compass function with acceptable accuracy," said Yang Zhao, CEO of Memsic, in a statement.

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