Mercedes-Benz picks ProLogium for development of solid-state battery cells

Mercedes-Benz picks ProLogium for development of solid-state battery cells

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By Christoph Hammerschmidt

Mercedes-Benz is aiming for a fully electric product range by the end of the decade, at least where market conditions permit. The vehicle manufacturer is actively driving forward its research and development activities in the rapidly developing field of solid-state technology via partnerships with leading companies in order to achieve rapid advances in battery technology and secure access to the latest technologies. With the expertise of its new partner ProLogium in the development and production of solid-state batteries, Mercedes-Benz intends to further extend its claim to leadership in battery technology.

“Efficiency and range are the industry benchmarks for electric cars. Solid-state technology has the potential to significantly reduce the size and weight of the battery. By working with partners like ProLogium, Mercedes-Benz is accelerating the development of innovative battery technologies for the automotive sector – to the benefit of our customers,” says Mercedes-Benz CTO Markus Schäfer. The Stuttgart-based company has been working with the Taiwanese company ProLogium since 2016.

As part of the development partnership, Mercedes-Benz will take a seat on the ProLogium Board of Directors. With this equity investment, Mercedes-Benz is strengthening the further development of battery technology and the partner’s planned expansion of production capacities in Europe.

Experts expect that solid-state technology can redefine costs, scalability and energy density in the field of batteries for electric vehicles. The solid-state electrolyte enables the use of materials with high storage capacity, high ionic conductivity and higher chemical stability. The innovative materials and design of solid-state batteries have the potential to nearly double the range of today’s conventional Li-ion battery cells.

ProLogium Technology claims to be the first battery company in the world to mass produce solid-state lithium ceramic batteries. The company’s technologies cover over 480 patents filed or issued worldwide. ProLogium has an automated pilot production line that has produced approximately 8,000 cell samples to date for testing and module development for global automotive manufacturers. By the end of 2022, ProLogium plans to complete the construction of a GWh factory near Taipei, followed by capacity expansion plans in key markets worldwide.

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