Merck opens OLED lab in Korea

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By eeNews Europe

Merck’s new Application Development Laboratory (ADL) is focusing on synthesis, purification, and chemical analysis of OLED materials tailored to customer’s requests, the company said. "The Application development Laboratory design, based on the recently built OLED laboratories in parent company Merck AG’s Materials Research Center in Darmstadt (Germany) will offer a perfect platform for developing world-class OLED materials in close collaboration with our Korean customers", explained Juergen Koenig, General Manager of Merck Korea, during the opening ceremonies.

Benefitting from its local situation in Korea and the support from its counterparts in Germany, the lab is also intended to act as a bridge between customer’s activities and the OLED group research center in Darmstadt. In addition, the chemical company hopes that the move will strengthen its market position in Asia’s consumer electronics industry. Many companies in this geography are currently feverishly working on bringing large OLED displays to mass production.

Merck employs a total of 100 engineers in OLED-related research, nine of them are working in the new Korean lab. The company spends according to eeNews Europe calculations about 240 million euros per year for chemistry research; a spokesperson declined to elaborate on the amount spent for OLED research.


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