Merck starts building 30m euro German OLED production plant

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The investment of 30 million euros strenghtens Merck’s position in the OLED business. Merck is aiming to be a leading supplier of OLED materials by 2018. The company wishes to make use of its experience in the liquid crystals business, where it is the global leader.

“The new OLED production plant is one of the largest single investments that Merck has made at the Darmstadt site in recent years. It reflects the absolute highest technical standards,” said Bernd Reckmann, Member of the Executive Board of Merck. “OLED technology has the potential to become the technology of the future for displays and lighting. We invested significant sums in this technology at an early stage. The new production plant is thus another important link in this chain”.

Merck is cooperating with the Japanese printing technology specialist Seiko Epson on printable displays for OLED screens.

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