Metasurface innovation unlocks precision control in wireless signals

Metasurface innovation unlocks precision control in wireless signals

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By Wisse Hettinga

Researchers have unveiled a technology that propels the field of wireless communication forward

Researchers from Chung-Ang University have developed a metasurface that addresses prevailing limitations by offering independent manipulation of beam direction and polarization state. Published in Microsystems & Nanoengineering, this technology advances wireless communication, setting the stage for significant improvements in high-resolution imaging, radar systems, and communication efficiency.

This metasurface integrates two novel actuators: a scissor actuator for adjusting the spacing between unit cells and a rotation actuator for altering their orientation. This dual-action mechanism enables the metasurface to seamlessly switch between different polarization states (right-handed and left-handed circular polarizations) and direct beams across a wide range without the limitations seen in traditional systems.

The innovation lies in its ability to perform these functions independently, a feat that significantly boosts the efficiency and strength of wireless signals. The study confirmed the metasurface’s capability through a comprehensive series of analytical, numerical, and experimental tests, showcasing its ability to scan beams over a 28° range at a 10.5 GHz operational frequency.

Sungjoon Lim, the senior researcher, says, “Our work represents a significant step forward in the manipulation of electromagnetic waves. By combining scissor and rotation actuators, we have developed a metasurface that can independently control beam scanning and polarization conversion, a capability that was previously challenging to achieve.”

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