Micralyne and A.M. Fitzgerald & Associates partner on MEMS design and prototyping

Micralyne and A.M. Fitzgerald & Associates partner on MEMS design and prototyping

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Micralyne, a pure-play MEMS foundry serving high-performance biomedical, telecommunications and industrial markets, and A.M. Fitzgerald & Associates (AMFitzgerald), a MEMS product development firm, announced a strategic partnership which will put customers on the fast-track path to commercialization.
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Combining AMFitzgerald’s expert MEMS design and rapid prototyping services with Micralyne’s extensive experience in manufacturing high-value MEMS devices, the partnership offers a one-stop solution for companies that want to move early-stage designs beyond proof-of-concept to volume production.

“Navigating the MEMS ecosystem can prove challenging to customers who want to take IP or even a conceptual design to the commercial phase. In many cases, they are strong conceptually with an in-depth understanding of the problems addressed by their specific application but may not have experience in MEMS design or manufacturing,” said Nancy Fares, CEO of Micralyne. “Our strategic partnership with AMFitzgerald allows us collectively to ‘divide and conquer.’ Our customers do what they do best: conceptualize innovative applications for which MEMS is the perfect vehicle. We do what we do best: help them to bring to market the highest quality MEMS devices as quickly and as efficiently as possible.”

“Our clients need to turn their ideas into silicon. We offer the design, modeling and rapid prototyping that moves them quickly from the idea stage to a foundry-ready MEMS design,” explained Alissa M. Fitzgerald, PhD, founder and managing member of AMFitzgerald. “An important part of our work is the delivery of a proven MEMS prototype, both a mask design and a robust process flow, to the foundry for a fast ramp to high-yield volume production.”

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