Micro-fit TPA receptacles and cable assemblies prevent back-outs

Micro-fit TPA receptacles and cable assemblies prevent back-outs

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Molex has introduced Micro-Fit TPA single- and dual-row receptacles and cable assemblies designed to prevent failures due to terminal back-out and provide a secondary terminal retention feature.
By Julien Happich


Terminal position assurance (TPA) technology ensures terminals are fully seated in the housing, and Micro-Fit TPA Single- and Dual-Row Receptacles also act as an integrated secondary lock (ISL). These two features combined virtually eliminate terminal back-outs resulting from common assembly errors.  These Micro-Fit TPA single- and dual-row receptacles are compatible with all existing Micro-Fit 3.0 headers and plug housings, enabling customers to incorporate the TPA design without making significant revisions or investments.

The single-row receptacle incorporates a one-piece housing, with no secondary pieces for reduced SKUs. Dual-row TPA receptacles use a two-piece retainer and accommodate up to 12 circuits today with 14-24 circuit products currently in development. Receptacles have the same current rating as existing Micro-Fit 3.0 connectors and 3.00mm pitch, for a high-power, low-pitch connection. Fully isolated contacts on each side of the interface prevent potential arcing.

Off-the-shelf Micro-Fit TPA Cable Assemblies save tooling start-up costs by providing complete assemblies that meet IPC (Association Connecting Electronics Industries) specifications. Multi-colour cable configurations ensure correct connection, and UL 1061 discrete wires are ready for use in electronic appliance applications.

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