With the launch, Microchip now provides the ability for developers to connect to any major core and any major cloud – from small PIC and AVR MCUs, to sophisticated 32-bit MCUs and MPU gateway solutions. The new offerings use the full range of Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or narrowband 5G connectivity, while providing a strong security foundation through the company’s Trust Platform for the CryptoAuthentication family.

The six new solutions announced today are designed to lower project costs and complexity in development:

• PIC-IoT WA and AVR-IoT WA boards: Two new PIC and AVR MCU development boards with a rapid prototyping tool developed with AWS to assist with the native connection of IoT sensor nodes to the AWS IoT Core service through Wi-Fi

• Gateway solutions running AWS IoT Greengrass: The ATSAMA5D27-WLSOM1 combines the SAMA5D2 MPU, WILC3000 Wi-Fi and Bluetooth combo module powered by the MCP16502 PMIC

• SAM-IoT WG: Connects the Google Cloud IoT Core with Microchip’s 32-bit SAM-D21 Arm Cortex M0+ MCU range

• Azure IoT SAM MCU based IoT development platform: Integrates the Azure IoT device SDK and Azure IoT services with Microchip’s MPLAB X development tools ecosystem

• PIC-BLE and AVR-BLE boards: Two new PIC and AVR MCU boards to help connect sensor node devices to mobile devices and the cloud through Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) gateways

• LTE-M/NB-IoT development kit: With Monarch chip-based modules from Sequans enabling coverage of IoT nodes using low power, 5G cellular technology

Development Tools

The new solutions IoT use Microchip’s ecosystem of development tools that are built around MPLAB X IDE. Code generators such as the MPLAB X Code Configurator (MCC) automate and speed up the creation and customization of the application code for the smallest PIC and AVR MCUs, while the Harmony software libraries support all 32-bit MCU and MPU solutions.

On-board and in-circuit programming and debugging features are available on the PKOB Nano, with only a USB cable required to power, debug and communicate. Larger solutions are supported by the MPLAB PICkit 4 and MPLAB ICD 4 universal programmers and debuggers. The ATSAMA5D27-WLSOM 1 comes with a set of free Linux distributions. By mainlining Microchip’s patches to the Linux kernel, customers receive the full support of the open source community to create high-quality solutions.

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