MicroLED production boost for automotive designs

MicroLED production boost for automotive designs

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By Nick Flaherty

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Canadian startup VueReal has signed a deal with Continental to use a new manufacturing technique for microLED displays in automotive applications.

VueReal has developed a technique to package microLEDs into a cartridge that Tier One suppliers can use to create custom displays in a vehicle.

“We started VueReal in 2016 to allow integration of different optoelectronic devices at scale, from chiplets to microLEDs,” Reza Chaji, CEO at VueReal tells eeNews Europe.

“When we look at the challenges we found we had to take microLEDs or sensors  and turn them into a cartridge and we have a tool to print them from that cartridge,” he said.

“Around that we also developed a business model that is not just for large companies but we think microprinting has the potential to enable a lot of other suppliers.”

The cartridge is loaded with 100,000 to millions of LEDs in the fab and the company has developed a vacuum head to selectively print the devices with a resolution down to 0.5 microns.

“The tool has some alignment and we train the tool on a test cartridge,” he said. “We optimise the transfer at low temperature, close to room temperature, and we are integrating a lot of AI into the process as the range of data we are getting from the cartridges is large.”

For automotive the microLED offers high transparency displays so they can be integrated in new places. The thermal management in particular is less demanding, so the devices can be integrated into glass or integrated into the vehicle body. “We work with the OEM and then they introduce us to their suppliers,” said Chaji.

“We are thrilled to collaborate with Continental to unleash the incredible potential of microLED technology in the automotive sector. This collaboration marks a pivotal moment in redefining automotive design, and we are excited to contribute our expertise to elevate the in-car experience,” he said,

“By implementing VueReal’s microLED technology in our most advanced automotive display solutions, we achieve stunning visual quality and also benefit from completely new possibilities in designing and manufacturing our interfaces, resulting in a never-before-seen user experience,” said Ulrich Lüders, Director of Strategy and Portfolio of the User Experience (UX) business area in Continental.

The technology can also be used for augmented reality displays and smart glasses as well as wearable such as smart watches.

“We are working with one of the largest microLED makers already but we work with any device company, whether that’s for sensors for biometrics or health,” he said.

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